MIG Group among omnichannel leaders
29 lipca 2015
MIG Group among omnichannel leaders

New consumer habits, ROPO effect, online shopping popularity growth – a resiliently operating e-store is the basis for brand’s successful functioning. MIG Group is among the e-commerce retail omnichannel leaders – every month, we record 1 297 000 real users. 

Online shopping is becoming a preferable form of shopping. Customers not only shop online, but also treat the websites as a source of information. The ROPO effect, which means researching online and shopping offline, is just one of the visible trends. Comfort, fast delivery and an easy exchange are just some of the online shopping advantages.

Both the whole MIG Group, and our individual chains, remain among e-commerce omnichannel leaders. Sizeer also has its e-store. The e-Sizeer.com website is a place, where the customer has full access to sneakers, clothing and accessories from the brand’s assortment. According to Megapanel PBI/Gemius data, e-Sizeer.com takes fourth place among the biggest retail e-stores. Sizeer is at the absolute top, next to such brands as Zalando.pl, Bonprix.pl and Szafa.pl.

Sizeer’s high place is our great success proving the brand’s attractive assortment, the customers’ openness to novelites and the value of a constantly growing brand.

30 stycznia 2019
Nowa kolekcja od Lacoste podczas Press Day SS19

Co prawda zima trwa w najlepsze, ale już teraz podzieliliśmy się informacjami, o kolekcji wiosna-lato od Lacoste, która pojawi się na sklepowych półkach. 

Twój Styl, Avanti oraz Fashion Magazine, a także Horkruks, rebellook.pl, VANITAs i Harelblog oraz inni influencerzy i blogerzy, już zobaczyli z bliska propozycje obuwia od marki z krokodylem, które dystrybuujemy na wyłączność. 

Więcej można zobaczyć na naszym facebookowym profilu. 

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