Lotto as the technical sponsor at Fed Cup in Cracow
2 czerwca 2015
Lotto as the technical sponsor at Fed Cup in Cracow

Lotto ambassadors – Agnieszka and Urszula Radwańska sisters – will meet at the first round of World Group at Fed Cup in Cracow Arena (7-8 February). Maria Sharapova is the Russian leader. Lotto is the technical sponsor and dresses the Polish reprsentation.

During the upcoming weekend, Agnieszka and Urszula Radwańska will present Lotto classics. Simple designs in white, dark blue and red will be supplemented with Lotto Raptor Evo shoes – it’s the sports elegance that Lotto is famour for.

Lotto tennis collections not only follow trends – they are also technically advanced and provide the players with utmost comfort and confidence – says Tomasz Gorszko, Lotto Brand Manager in Poland. The uniforms are made of breathable fabrics that are at the same time very comfortable. Shoes, in turn, thanks to innovative solutions, provide great adaptation and shock absorption. Our designers remember about the strict court rules. However, we stake it all on safe classics. If is not only the favourite of our champions – Agnieszka, Ula and David Ferrer, but also of our Clients, who come to the stores and shop for tennis attire – Tomasz Gorszko ads.


During the Cracow Arena tournamet – there will ne two pop-up stores – 50 style and Lotto. They will promote our brands among our business Clients.

30 stycznia 2019
Nowa kolekcja od Lacoste podczas Press Day SS19

Co prawda zima trwa w najlepsze, ale już teraz podzieliliśmy się informacjami, o kolekcji wiosna-lato od Lacoste, która pojawi się na sklepowych półkach. 

Twój Styl, Avanti oraz Fashion Magazine, a także Horkruks,, VANITAs i Harelblog oraz inni influencerzy i blogerzy, już zobaczyli z bliska propozycje obuwia od marki z krokodylem, które dystrybuujemy na wyłączność. 

Więcej można zobaczyć na naszym facebookowym profilu. 

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